Okay, be honest―when was the last time you cleaned your kitchen chimney? If the answer is anything over two months ago, it’s time to get it cleaned again. Over time, kitchen chimneys can become so dirty that they pose a fire hazard. That’s why regularly cleaning them is a must to stay safe.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, almost 29% of fires in homes are caused by dirty chimneys. They also recommend hiring a professional chimney contractor to thoroughly clean your chimneys now and then to ensure you stay safe and healthy.

Here’s why regular kitchen chimney cleaning is beneficial:

A baby pink-colored kitchen with a chimney.

Preventing Infections

The chimney in your kitchen performs the function of an exhaust, pulling all sorts of dust particles, steam vapors, grease molecules, and various other components. As time passes, some of these particles begin collecting on and inside your kitchen chimney, forming layers upon layers of dirt.

This hurts both the ventilation and the cleanliness of the chimney. If left to fester, these particles can pass onto food that is being cooked, causing infections for those who consume it. So, the only fool-proof way of reducing the chance of infection is to get your kitchen chimneys cleaned by a licensed chimney contractor.

Eliminating Unpleasant Odors

Dirty kitchen chimneys can often emit funky smells due to the accumulated dirt. This can be an indication of a bacterial infection, which can easily spread throughout your house. For anyone living with an infant or a grandparent, this can potentially become a medical emergency.

That’s why it’s important to take your kitchen chimney cleaning seriously. To ensure your kitchen stays bacteria-free, hire a cleaning service that’ll regularly come over and clean your chimney.

A family of four standing close to their kitchen chimney

Protecting Against Fire Hazard

Your chimney is a composition of meshes and filters which are supposed to grab soot particles and vapors. As these deposits accumulate, they form thick layers that block the filter, not allowing gases to pass through. Eventually, your chimney might break down completely.

These layers of grease and soot can also catch fire, even with just a spark. So there are plenty of reasons why regular servicing is necessary for you and everyone else in your home.

Hire A Chimney Contractor In The Bronx, NY

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