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Our Skylight Specialists in Tarrytown Are Ready to Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal While Saving You From Spending Excessively on Energy

Who says you can’t save money and make your home look wonderful at the same time? Thanks to our skylight specialists at FH Roofing & Chimney, numerous Tarrytown residents have upgraded their homes to pay less for energy by making the most of natural light. Whether you want to repair a broken skylight or get a new one installed, we’ll help you pick a design that compliments your home and ensures as much natural light as possible streams into your home all year round!

Our Roofing Services in Tarrytown Deliver Optimal Quality at Affordable Prices

In addition to skylight repairs/installations, we provide an array of roofing services, including high-quality deck installations and chimney repairs, at fantastic prices. We also specialize in gutter cleaning and repairing various chimney parts, such as the cap and flue. Put simply, we’re an all-encompassing roofing company in Tarrytown—and the best part is we charge no hidden fees and provide free cost estimates for every job!

Whether there’s debris blocking your roof’s drainage system or your chimney cap’s in danger of falling, we’re just a quick call away. Simply 347-398-2591 or drop us a message on our website, and one of our trained roofers will visit your home to assess the problem and provide an accurate quote ASAP!

Our customer support is always available to provide you with a free quote for your required services. Our rates are quite affordable and easily manageable by low income individuals. In case you need a home or commercial service then call us today and we will surely give you the best quality service.

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