Professional chimney contractors agree that a chimney should be cleaned at least once every year. This prevents the chimney from getting blocked due to creosote buildup, resulting in improper ventilation. But how does a professional chimney contractor clean your chimney and make it fully functional for the upcoming year?

Here are some parts of a chimney that roofing contractors specifically focus on during routine chimney cleanings.

A chimney on a home’s roof

Fireplace or Firebox

Even though a fireplace isn’t technically a part of a chimney, chimney contractors always clean the fireplace or the firebox during a routine chimney cleaning. If the fireplace is left as it is, its dirt will soon force the chimney to return to its original pre-cleaning condition. Professional contractors, like the ones from FH Roofing and Chimney, will remove the burnt wood and sweep up the ash. Once done, they clean the fireplace with a chemical cleaning solution.

Smoke Chamber

Smoke chambers are located directly above the fireplace and collect smoke, ash, and soot throughout the year. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that a routine chimney cleaning from FH Roofing and Chimney consists of cleaning the smoke chamber. Since the smoke chamber is jagged, getting the creosote and ash out of it is challenging, emphasizing the importance of regularly getting your chimney cleaned by a professional.


Every fireplace chimney contains a piece of removable metal that keeps the chimney closed when it’s not being used. This prevents indoor heating or cooling inside a house from escaping via the chimney. Every routine chimney cleaning process involves the cleaning of the damper as well. A professional chimney contractor will remove it from the chimney, scrape it to remove soot, clean it with a cleaning solution, and install it back.


The flue is the vertical lining or duct inside the chimney that allows carbon monoxide, smoke, and other harmful gasses to leave your house. A routine chimney cleaning by FH Roofing and Chimney includes removing creosote from the flue to prevent a chimney blockage.

Chimney Cap (If Present)

Besides having creosote buildup, a chimney cap can also get dirty from the outside due to debris, leaves, or bird droppings. If your chimney has a cap or cover, roofing contractors will clean it along with the rest of the chimney.

Smoke coming out of a home’s chimney

Hire Chimney Contractors in Bronx, NY, for Routine Chimney Cleaning

With the help of chimney cleaning, your home’s chimney won’t be a fire hazard or a safety risk. At FH Roofing and Chimney, we do chimney repairs and cleaning in Yonkers, NY. Our chimney contractors inspect your chimney to ensure that it isn’t damaged, repair it, and completely clean the chimney’s passageways and other parts.

Reach out to us and let our roofing contractors clean your chimney ASAP!




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