Installing a deck in your yard has several advantages, ranging from an increase in property value to added aesthetic value. But the process of installation can be risky if the right safety measures aren’t taken. That’s why our roofing contractors in Eastchester, NY, ensure that all safety precautions for deck installation are adhered to.

Here’s a quick rundown for you to know what they are.

1. Safety Gear

Just like you don’t send a surgeon to the operation room without gloves, a gown, and a mask, among others, a roofing contractor on the job also needs their safety gear with them at all times. This includes gloves, goggles, helmets, and masks, to name a few.

2. Planning

Whenever we attempt a project, we present our clients with a plan highlighting the steps we’ll take from start to finish. But this plan isn’t only for your benefit; it serves as an important safety precaution for deck installation by keeping the installation organized, contained, and, most of all, safe for you and our contractors.

3. Storing Equipment

During the installation, we take great care in how and where we place our tools i.e., screws, drills, nails, etc. That’s why we can install a deck on your property without putting anyone in harm’s way.

A deck installation by FH Roofing & Chimney

4. Follow Local Regulations

For your safety and that of our roofing contractors, our entire installation process, including the materials we use, adheres to NY’s Deck Installation Work and Site Requirements. Not only does this serve as an important safety precaution for deck installation, but it also keeps us away from legal trouble.

5. Work During Daylight

It’s always best to do most of the installation during daylight hours. That’s why our contractors will secure everything before dusk and pick up work the next day when the sun’s out.

6. Prepare For Emergencies

Despite our best efforts, accidents happen. That’s why with FH Roofing & Chimney, there’s always a plan in place, be it a repair task or some unfortunate emergency. If anyone of our workers has an accident, we ensure that they’re given immediate access to first aid and hospital services if need be.

Feeling a bit more confident to install a deck now? Our safety precautions for deck installations are tried and tested, which comes from the years of knowledge we’ve accumulated in this industry. To learn more about our skylights and gutter services, get in touch directly.

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