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If you are a DIY enthusiast and plan to take on a roofing project, there are a few things you need to consider, mainly relating to your safety. If you are not afraid of heights and have steady hands and feet, the risk of falling from the ladder is low.

Working on your roof is quite dangerous. You are more likely to sustain severe injuries if you slip than if you were working on the ground. This is why we highly recommend that you hire roof repair services in the Bronx, NY.

With that being said, the following are four roofing safety tips you should follow when doing DIY repairs:

Check the Weather

In bad weather, the chances of falling from the roof are high. For example, in extreme heat, high winds and heavy rain, you might feel light-headed, get imbalanced or not be able to see properly. Moreover, the weather also affects the use of adhesives and materials.

So, check the weather forecast before making any plans.

Secure Yourself With a Harness

A harness ensures that if your foot slips from the ladder, you won’t fall on the ground. A good fall arrest system includes a roof anchor, rope-grab, rope, lanyard and harness. If your house is double-story, consider retractable lanyards.

As a DIY-er, you will have to rent this equipment, which can be a little costly. On the other hand, an Eastchester, NY, roofing contractor also has the necessary gear to perform this job.

Protect Your Head

Headwear is a no-brainer! Think of it as fastening your seatbelt when driving a car. Falls happen, and wearing a helmet can mean the difference between life and death.

Leaving yourself vulnerable when you are on the roof is usually because of carelessness. So, slap that yellow hard hat on your head!

Wear Proper Footwear

Yes, wearing proper footwear is also important when you are cleaning your roof. The best option is rubber-soled shoes, as they offer maximum traction and grip. You can get a quality pair of boots online. Consider them as an investment, which you can even wear in winter.

You need to look out for plenty of things when standing on the ladder and inspecting your roof. Be conscious of power lines in your working area. They deliver a deadly amount of electricity. While a YouTube video shows how easy it is to clean gutters or make roof repairs, the risk is too high if you are not a professional. This is why it is better to hire roof repair services in the Bronx, NY.

FH Roofing and Chimney is certified White Plains, NY roofing repair company that provides installing and cleaning services. They are a common household name in New York for offering high-quality services. If you are looking for qualified roofing contractors, you won’t be disappointed to hand them the project. Click here for a free estimate and to talk to their customer service representative, call +1 (347) 398-2591.

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