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Are you thinking of ways to upgrade your house? Why not start by getting brand new gutters? Many of you might be wondering why getting gutters are even essential, but skipping out on gutters can lead to long-term consequences every homeowner needs to avoid. Roof gutters can prevent structural damage, soil erosion, basement damage, and so much more.

Here are some reasons you need to consider installing gutters on your roof.

 Rain falling off a roof gutter

Prevents Water from Scattering Everywhere

It’s no secret that a gutter system has multiple components, including pipes, downspouts, and downspouts extension. At first glance, this whole system might seem like just another thing you can get added to your home, but a functional roof gutter is essential! If the water falling on your roof during the rainy season isn’t funneled properly, it will scatter everywhere, and you don’t want to deal with the aftermath.


On the other hand, if you install gutters on your roof, it will act as a safe pathway for water to be drained from your roof without ending up in your garden or driveway. Roof gutters installed by FH Roofing and Chimney prevent your house from getting a leaky ceiling every rainy season.

Stops Your Exterior Walls and Siding from Getting Damaged

If rainwater is scattering everywhere, do you know the first place it will get to? That’s right: it will go sliding down your exterior walls and siding. You might love seeing rain water trickling down on different surfaces but trust us; you don’t want that surface to be your home’s siding. Constant exposure to water can even damage the most durable of sidings.


It doesn’t matter if your house has vinyl siding or stone siding, as it’s bound to get damaged without a proper water drainage system. If you don’t get roof gutters installed from FH Roofing and Chimney, you will need to replace or repair your siding every few years!

Preserves Your Roof

Do you know that roof gutters directly impact the lifespan of your roof? That might seem like a stretch, but let us explain it. Without roof gutters installed by FH Roofing and Chimney, rainwater will start to pool on your roof, which erodes your tiles and shingles, resulting in roof leaks. Additionally, water pooling on your roof can cause more damage than just leaks; it can lead to mold growth too. Get roof gutters installed and keep your roof intact for a long time!

A roof with shingles and gutters

Get Gutter Installation in Bronxville, NY, ASAP

With the help of roof gutters, your house won’t have to deal with mold, damaged roofs, damaged sidings, water leaking inside, and more. At FH Roofing and Chimney, we do gutter installations in Bronxville, NY, where we use the best quality material. Additionally, we replace damaged gutters to ensure that your house has a functional drainage system.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us, get roof gutters installed, and



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